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Whole history of Marine Odessa in one book!

Whole history of Marine Odessa in one book!


Ferry Illichivsk - Varna celebrates the «age of Christ»

Ferry Ilyichevsk - Varna celebrated its 33 years. Clear all November 14, 1978, now ferry complex Illichivsk port is a multi-modal terminal, which specializes in rail and ferry services and car ferry lines, as well as certain types of vessels.

Today the capacity of the terminal ensure the functioning of the Euro-Asian transport corridor linking the countries of Western Europe, Ukraine, Georgia and Asia. can overload the capacity of the terminal to 4.5 million tons of cargo in wagons, 4.3 thousand trucks and 250,000 units of wheeled vehicles a year.

Complex is the center of the two major players in the Black Sea international railway-ferry lines: Illichivsk (Ukraine) - Varna (Bulgaria) - Poti / Batumi (Georgia) and Illichivsk (Ukraine) - Derince (Turkey).

The rail-ferry lines are five ferries: Bulgarian «Heroes of Odessa» and «Heroes of Sevastopol» Ukrainian «Shipka Heroes» and «Heroes of Plevna» as well as the largest rail ferry in the world, inscribed in Guinness Book of Records, «Greifswald».

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