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Whole history of Marine Odessa in one book!

Whole history of Marine Odessa in one book!


In the Kerch sea trading port operates a ferry, «Kerch-Pot»

Kerch Merchant Sea port of October 23 said 190 years since its foundation. In 2011 the port became one of the three Crimean enterprises who have paid the highest amount in the state budget.

Kerch Merchant Sea port - a universal port complex. The equipment company can handle 2.5 million tonnes per annum of general cargo berths and up to one million tons in the roads. In March 2009 started to work a regular road-railway ferry Kerch-Poti.

Ferry service between the Crimea and Georgia carries steam "Heroes of Shipka". Its tonnage - 108 rail cars, which are located on three decks of the ferry. The length of the giant - 185 meters, width - 26 meters, depth - 15.2 meters. Carrying capacity - about 5,000 tons

When loading and unloading of the ferry requires pinpoint accuracy. With this successfully cope kerchane working in the commercial port. According to the director of the company «GlobalTransParom» Dmitry Bezradnogo, were selected for two teams. People are taught the specifics of loading and unloading at the railway ferry and port workers do an excellent job with the work.

Yesterday ship came today at noon, over loading, that is, work done for the day. This is also a specific ferry. Ships of this size are handled at the port within 3-5 days, sometimes weeks. Using the ferry makes it possible to perform this scope of work for the day, - said Dmitry Bezradny.

The cabins ferry from the Crimea to Georgia can travel up to 92 passengers. This line of the passengers are in great demand, especially during the summer. Many people travel to the Crimea, and after a ferry ride to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and sometimes in Iran. Foreign citizens often use the ferry service agreement. It tourists from Europe, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Great Britain.

According to the director of the company «GlobalTransParom», the use of ferry "Kerch-Poti" profitable and carriers, and cargo:

Ukraine - just over the state. If the goods to the eastern regions of Ukraine, under the existing line Ilyichevsk-Poti/Batumi, you need to pass transit of almost all of Ukraine: first, to the west to Ilyichevsk, and then go from Ilyichevsk almost in the opposite direction to Georgia. We found an understanding of the Kerch port, which is interested in our initiative. Have invested quite heavily in equipment berth in the Kerch sea trading port. Crossing the East gives an opportunity to reduce cargo transportation on the territory of Ukraine, it gives a tangible economic benefit.

The work of the railway ferry benefit both Ukraine and the Crimea, and kerchanam: it's tax deductions, and employment, and various goods that are now coming out of Georgia in the Kerch.

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