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Whole history of Marine Odessa in one book!

Whole history of Marine Odessa in one book!


Marine scenes for Nikita Mikhalkov

In these days of January the famous Potemkin Stairs lost its elegance and bristling with watch watch towers and parapets of sandbags. In the square at the bottom there was a wall with openings from which peep old naval artillery gun, just above the hill - for relaxation pavilions and park sculptures. Traces of devastation around, as if left by the recent fighting. Periodically, there are people on the tracks, uniformed soldiers and officers of the White and the Red Army during the Civil War ... The world famous film director Nikita Mikhalkov takes in Odessa episodes historical film "Sunstroke" - the evacuation of the White Army in Russia, based on the works of Ivan Bunin.

It is known that Khrushchev did not welcome the appearance of strangers on the set to complete the shooting, including the press and officials of any rank. This is understandable when you get to the site of action of actors, even when shooting day is over. Dozens of workers carry around something, transfer, discuss, consult ...


- In Odessa shootings involving 170 filmmakers and workers - says, while we wait for the main director, executive producer, studio Nikita Mikhalkov's "Three T" Alexander Utkin. - Everyone knows his maneuver, and during the shooting, and in preparation for tomorrow. The film is intended scale, with battle scenes, and removed not only in Odessa, but also on Lake Geneva and Moscow. Alone brought from Moscow scenery more than 170 tons. According to the schedule, we have to finish shooting in Odessa until mid-February. But the weather brings about changes in our schedule. They started to shoot - there was snow, now it melted. According to the scenario, we need overcast weather, and yesterday was the sun. Always have to adapt to in any way in the film was a complete historical accuracy of the 20th year of the last century.

Finally, Nikita finished rehearsing with the leading actors, and emerges from the basement under the Potemkin Stairs, who also adapted to conduct surveys in the dungeons. He was immediately surround assistants wishing to discuss the future of schedule. A few minutes more, and the master is coming to us. He already knows that he faces the initiators of the "Sea encyclopedia Odessa", the specialists of the shipping company "Ukrferry" who want to present this unique book of legendary director, who has served three years as a sailor on the Pacific Fleet of the USSR.

This episode is remembered biography Mikhalkov director of marketing and development of the shipping company's novel Morgenstern, handing Nikita Sergeyevich from President SK "Ukrferry" Alexandra Kurland weighty tome, the first page that has the line "with the best wishes from the crew of Odessa" and the phrase that expresses the cause of the meeting: "It collected much of our great common history and culture, one of which you are the guardians."

- We know that the sea and you are close to Odessa, - says Roman Solomonovich - maybe in your plans will be the scenario of the sea and of the Black Sea Fleet? One has only to look through this book, so you can see what a lot of interesting stories can be found in the history of the Marine Odessa as weaves lives and events that have had a huge impact on the history of Russia is reflected in this work.

- I am very grateful to you and always familiar with the encyclopedia - said Nikita. - We could, of course, say that the theme of the sea and sailors I care about and have some plans ... But now and in the coming years I will be working on projects that are far from the sea. However, as you know, in my films is often a maritime nature. I love Odessa and often in your city. 40 years ago I took in Odessa "Slave of Love" and is happy to work here. All the conditions for success for our group, I would say that we are all intermarried.

- Sets your movie graced this little square - said one of my colleagues. - Can you leave this nice pavilion, sculptures, decorative wall for our city? They fit so well into the landscape.

- If only with the Emperor and the White Guard - laughing maestro. - Exactly the same request applied to us in the Swiss town of Montreux, where we shot the scenes of the film. This is our props that we need more and for this film, and for future projects.

Wishing goodbye Nikita Sergeyevich success, we had a long walk on the set, watching the scenery skillfully made and imagining how they will look in the film. Somehow this atmosphere is almost a hundred years ago was very fond. Maybe that's why no hurry to the hotel after a long day of shooting actors in the White Guard and Red Army coats leather jacket, happily performs songs from the Civil War.

Alexander Fedorov. Member of the International Federation of Journalists. Photo by Oleg Vladimir.

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