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Whole history of Marine Odessa in one book!

Whole history of Marine Odessa in one book!


«Maritime Encyclopedia of Odessa» released

25 October 2012, Odessa, Ukraine – Mass Media presentation devoted to release of Maritime Encyclopedia of Odessa has been held in the office of SC Ukrferry. In attendance were Alexander Kurlyand, President of SC “Ukrferry”; Nikolay Pavlyuk, Honorable President of Odessa Maritime Trade Port; Viktor Borisenko, General Director of Association of Ports of Ukraine; Lyudmila Bondarenko, Maritime Fleet Museum Director; Irina Morozova, Odessa National Maritime University Rector; Michail Miyusov, Odessa National Maritime Academy Rector; Valentina Michaylova, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of “Ports of Ukraine” publishing house; Yakov Schpigelman, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of “Maritime Encyclopedia of Odessa”, Roman Morgenshtern, Marketing and Project Department Director of SC Ukrferry

A new edition vital to preserve full and true history of Odessa has come to life. It may come as a surprise, but neither back in history when Odessa was Russian Empire’s third largest city or while she was one of USSR’s largest hubs nor over the years past after Ukraine became an independent state has there been a single aggregated printed edition issued to summarize maritime history of the city. It’s a common fact, that the history of Odessa is full of bright and diverse events linked closely with major historical occurrences in Russia, Ukraine, Europe and Black Sea area, with life and activity of many prominent personalities.

Initiated, backed up and sponsored by Shipping Company “Ukrferry”, the National Carrier of Ukraine, a core of 140 leading maritime specialists in various fields was collected to launch and develop a unique project titled “Maritime Encyclopedia of Odessa”. The purpose of the project was to perpetuate maritime legacy of Odessa since her foundation up till present days. The 2 year deadline originally planned to finish the edition had to be extended by 2 more years due to great deal of stuff to process. One of the main purposes to fulfill was to make the edition easy to understand while preserving factual data, to fill the edition with illustrations to make the book appeal to wide audiences including young readers, not just maritime specialists. MEO implemented a new 2-way approach to lay down information, something that has never been used before. While the main bulk of entries is written in a traditional encyclopedia-like statistics style utilizing multiple notation conventions and abbreviations, the so-called “capsules” have been introduced representing stand alone literature inclusions, specifically made up by MEO authors or borrowed from prose or poem works dating back to the time of city foundation and extending to present days. As determined by MEO’s character, it specifically covers natural maritime objects, flora and fauna; war, peace and revolution period historical events; various activities making up maritime complex conception these including maritime transport and port structure, shipbuilding and ship repair, fishing, mineral and resource mining, hydraulic engineering, resort and recreation facilities, public administration bodies, civil-society organizations, maritime education establishments. Much attention is devoted to city infrastructure objects relating to maritime field and sure enough the book features numerous entries on prominent personalities who have over hundreds of years shaped up something we call Odessa today.

Summary of Maritime Encyclopedia of Odessa


  • port and shipping history
  • prominent personalities who influenced maritime history of Odessa
  • history, performance data and images of marine vessels
  • major and most prominent enterprises, organizations and companies of Odessa
  • major accidents and crashes
  • marine streets, sanatoriums, parks and beaches
  • 140 authors being leading experts in history, study of local lore, shipping veterans
  • Published by “Ports of Ukraine”, released in October 2012
  • 3500 copies

Authors hope the edition to become a handbook for broad audiences interested in maritime history and history of Odessa, living both in our city and abroad. Published in high polygraphic quality, the book is expected to supplement relatively poorly represented high quality gift book market. This will help to restore maritime traditions of Odessa and will be another noticeable step towards making Odessa widely popular as a major culture and history landmarks in Ukraine.

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