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Whole history of Marine Odessa in one book!

Whole history of Marine Odessa in one book!


Odessa «Jam Session» in Georgia

This cultural event began on the day of jubilee lady Tatyana Battle Jazz, who celebrated her amazing talent, the fans in the Odessa Philharmonic. On that summer evening favorite of Odessa, together with numerous gifts and congratulations received from the management of a shipping company and the opportunity to make a voyage to the cargo-passenger ferry «Greifswald» in flight between the shores of Georgia and Ukraine.

In addition, experts Ukrferry contact with their counterparts in Batumi to organize a meeting between jazz musicians and organizers of international jazz festivals in Odessa and the capital of Adjara. Therefore, in this flight with Tatiana Battle went to Batumi, the organizer and president of the International Jazz Festival in Odessa, famous musician, Yuri Kuznetsov, and festival director Natalia Ertnova.


Despite the fact that the «Greifswald» stood in the Batumi port less than a day, however, the receiving party has done everything possible to Odessa became acquainted with the capital of Ajaria, its landmarks and the musical culture in which jazz is one of the leading places. Evidence for this - first of all, Batumi jazz festival, which took place just the third time, but gained credibility and popularity, both in the jazz world, and among his fans.

During a meeting with the organizers of the Batumi jazz festival Tatiana and Yuri Kuznetsov Boev agreed on cooperation between the two Black Sea cities of jazz. Already during the International Jazz Festival in Odessa fans of this music can get acquainted with the work of Georgian jazz. Invitation to participate in the Odessa Festival, which runs from September 23 to 25 at the Ukrainian theater, they have already been sent.

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