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Address: 4a, Sabanskyy lane, Odessa, 65014, Ukraine

Email: ukf@ukrferry.com
Email: charter@ukrferry.com

Fax: +380(482)348-297
Fax: +380(482)348-108


Phone: +380(482)34-40-59


Phone: +380(482) 34-76-63; +380(482) 34-76-79;

Division of Personnel

Phone: +380(482)34-86-31
Phone: +380(482)34-86-58

How to find us?

Как нас найти?


For seafarers «Ukrferry-Shipmanagement» offers to fill in an APPLICATION FORM to register in our database. Your age must be from 18 up to 55 years old, good knowledge of spoken and written English language, to hold all documents and certificates required by STCW in compliance with your rank.

You can download application form here and send by e-mail completed form to following address: crew@ukrferry.com. Details of vacancies on the official site «Ukrferry-Shipmanagement», in the relevant section «Jobs».

«Ukrferry-Shipmanagement» crewing company

«Ukrferry-Shipmanagement» is the former affiliated company of major private Rail/RO-Pax linear operator «Ukrferry» Shipping Company. UKRFERRY-SHIPMANAGEMENT was founded in 2003, when the company became separate and independent from «Ukrferry» Shipping Company.

«Ukrferry-Shipmanagement» is specialized in Crew and Technical Management Services.

Management philosophy

The primary function of our Management is to provide ship owners with safe ship operation and pollution prevention services, at the same time, ensuring optimum cost effective performance. A great deal of emphasis is given to ship board maintenance by fully qualified and efficient crew. To achieve this we have a well trained crew on board, qualified under STCW Convention, backed up by very experienced and professional shore based staff.

In order to achieve Safety, Quality and Environmental excellence and continuous improvement the Management System of the Company has adopted the well-known methodology «Plan–Do–Check–Act» (PDCA). The company is certified by Bureau Veritas, ISO 9001:2008. The safety management system of the company has been audited, complies with the requirements of ISM Code.

Type of ships in our management

  • container carriers up to 5.085 TEU capacity;
  • multi-purpose vessels;
  • bulk carriers;
  • oil / chemical tankers;
  • Ro-Ro vessels;
  • passenger vessels.

Crew management

We provide ship owners with skilled and well-qualified Ukrainian officers and ratings. All the seafarers are certified in compliance with STCW-95 qualification requirements. Our wide and updated database gives the possibility to have highly-educated candidates for any type of ships. Our crewing services include:

  • arrangement of crews joining and repatriation and all related functions, as required, including union relations, medical examinations, etc;
  • personnel budgeting and cost control;
  • the officers and ratings are selected on the basis of their competency, experience, good health and their conduct record. Under our policies, only those officers/crew who fulfill IMO STCW criteria are employed. This is achieved by an appraisal system. All the candidates are interviewed by experienced superintendents.

Technical management

Our technical management for vessels includes:

  • monitoring the condition and maintenance of the vessels on an ongoing basis to ensure safe and the most economical performance;
  • control and optimizing of ships fuel and lubricants consumption;
  • arranging service and repair of vessels;
  • arranging and supervising of dry-dockings and repairs;
  • budget planning and cost control;
  • administration and maintenance of ships certificates and documents;
  • authorizing and arranging purchase of spare parts, services and consumables;
  • monitoring the crew performance and optimizing of the quality of services.

It allows us to keep the vessels under our management to the highest standards. Superintendents visit the vessels on regular basis or whenever required with necessary back-up.

Organization of repair

«Ukrferry-Shipmanagement» arranges repair of vessels in full accordance with the latest requirements of IMO Conventions. Our company provides Contracting and Supervision ships repairs, dry-dockings and newbuildings at Ukrainian Shipyards. We offer organization of newbuildings supervision at local shipbuilding yards and abroad. Our Crew Department is ready to offer work teams for ships repairs while at sea or in dry-dock.

Contacts crewing company «Ukrferry-Shipmanagement»

  • Adress: 4a, Sabanskiy lane, Odessa, 65014, Ukraine
  • Phone: +380(482)348658
  • Email: crew@ukrferry.com
  • Fax: +380(482)348108
  • Site: ukf-shipmanagement.com
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