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Address: 4a, Sabanskyy lane, Odessa, 65014, Ukraine

Email: ukf@ukrferry.com
Email: charter@ukrferry.com

Fax: +380(482)348-297
Fax: +380(482)348-108


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IT services

Software development services includes database design and development , business applications, system tools, client-server applications, Internet/Intranet solutions, Web processing terminals, payment, and billing systems, corporate web sites etc.

All members of staff have relevant professional qualifications and degrees. Fields of expertise include relational database, operational systems and different development environments and programming languages. Ukrferry is an official partner of SYBASE Corporation.

Among our developments is software package for the automation of core business of shipping companies and crewing agencies, including

  • Scheduler for regular shipping lines
  • Ffreight Management
  • Technical Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Documents Flow
  • Financial analysis

We can offer our customers the ready-made application:

CrewManager 3.0 - a solution for crewing companies. The program provided crewing database management capabilities, crew selection based on set criteria, the setting of crew role capacities, monitoring legitimacy and license agreements of necessary certifications as well as conducting electronic document circulation and printing all necessary documentation on crew placements with various ship owners.

SchedMaster 2.1 - a solution for operators of regular shipping lines. To schedule traffic, to evaluate various options for its economic and technical parameters. Integrates with freight management.

SkyNetD 1.3 - forwarding solution for shipping companies. Provides reception and processing of applications for the transportation of various cargoes , including the calculation of the different transportation options and costs. Integrates with accounting systems and financial management.

DocFlow 4.3 - workflow automation of any mid-sized companies . Allows you to keep track of incoming, outgoing and internal documents for various purposes, to register , scanning and saving documents registered , maintain the chain of correspondences . Assign tasks to perform , automatically notify employees about the assigned tasks and monitor their execution.

Contracts 1.3 - creating and maintaining a database of contracts ( agreements , etc. ), mid-sized companies . Allows you to record and monitor the implementation of agreements. If necessary, save the electronic version of the contract. Provide regulated access to tests of documents in accordance with the rights of users. Easy and fast to find the desired document on any of the recorded parameters . Integrates with the system of financial management.

If necessary, our experts are always ready to perform at your request

  • Feasibility study and consultancy
  • Installation , implementation and maintenance of industrial database SYBASE
  • Individual development , implementation and maintenance of the required software
  • Customer training
  • Development and maintenance of web- sites of various purpose and complexity

If you need more information about our work, please don’t hesitation to contact us in any convenient way. We will be happy to answer all your questions and demonstrate our developments on real databases. We are waiting for your order and business proposals

Mariya Zalyapina, Chief of Information Technology Department

  • Mailto: ITDept_@_ukrferry.com
  • Phone: +380-482-348987, +380-0482-348963
  • Fax: +380-482-348-108
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