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Address: 4a, Sabanskyy lane, Odessa, 65014, Ukraine

Email: ukf@ukrferry.com
Email: charter@ukrferry.com

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About Shipping Company Ukrferry

Shipping Company Ukrferry was founded in October 1995 with the purpose of developing ferry shipping on the Black Sea, as well as the development of other areas of maritime merchant shipping.

Since its inception, SC Ukrferry has been operating an international rail - car ferry service Ilyichevsk - Varna (Bulgaria). In December 1996 the company launched a ferry service between Ukraine – Georgia. Since that moment regular service on the transport of railway rolling stock, vehicles, containers and passengers between Ukraine and the states of Transcaucasia and Central Asia has been established.

By launching and developing the ferry service, SC Ukrferry have laid grounds for the practical implementation of the concepts of the Eurasian transport corridor and the European Union program TRACECA.

In the summer of 1997, SC Ukrferry acquired a French car-passenger ferry Caledonia - the first and only sea passenger ship in all the years of Ukrainian independence -formally acquired by the Ukrainian company and registered under the flag of Ukraine

Since November 1998 till July 2010 car-passenger ferry Caledonia had been engaged in regular cargo and passenger service trading between Odessa – and Istanbul (Turkey).

In May 2001 the construction of railway - ferry terminal had been completed with the assistance of SC “Ukrferry” at the port of Derince (Turkey) and a brand new rail-car ferry service Ilyichevsk – Derince started to operate.

From March 2006 till October 2009 SC Ukrferry had been operating cruise ferry “Yuzhnaya Palmyra” in the Black Sea.

In the summer of 2007, for the first time since the collapse of the USSR, three cruises along the historic route of the Crimea - Caucasus line have been made with the port of Istanbul added to the itinerary: Odessa - Yalta - Sochi - Istanbul - Odessa.

Since March 2009, the company has invested in the construction of a railway ferry terminal at the port of Kerch, organized and has been operating regular ferry service Kerch - Poti / Batumi.

In the period from 1995 to 2010 the vessels of SC Ukrferry have made a number of special voyages to deliver Ukrainian peacekeeping units to countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Professional management and highly qualified crews are the key to smooth and trouble-free operation of ferries over the past 20 years.

Currently, more than 200 people are employed by SC Ukrferry

SC Ukrferry is a member of the Association of Shipowners of Ukraine.

In June 1998, the shipping company Ukrferry was certified for compliance with the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention (ISM Code). In November 2001 the Quality Management System of the company was certified by Bureau Veritas International (BVQI) to comply with the ISO 9001 (2000) requirements.

While m/v Caledonia and m/v Yuzhnaya Palmyra had been in operation, SC Ukrferry was awarded with certificates of the State Standard of Ukraine attesting high level of service extended to passengers on board the vessels.

The Law of Ukraine № 1546-III, issued on March 16, 2000 granted SC Ukrferry the status of designated company in Ukraine in the implementation of an intergovernmental agreement on joint operation of the Varna-Ilyichevsk-Poti/Batumi ferry service.

By the Order of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine № 284 of April 26, 2002 SC Ukrferry was awarded the status of the national carrier.

The company had been repeatedly awarded with various diplomas and appraisals from the Odessa Regional State Administration, ministries and state departments of Ukraine.

SC Ukrferry is taking part in the social development of the Odessa region, promoting transit opportunities of Ukraine in the Ukrainian and foreign mass media.

SC Ukrferry is the guardian of the childrens charity fund “Budushee” (The Future), provides social protection to seafarers - war and labor veterans. SC Ukrferry has repeatedly been a patron for the International “Emile Gillesa” Piano Competition, international art exhibitions and press tours. The company has initiated, organized and sponsored the creation of Odessa Sea Encyclopedia - the fundamental scientific historical work, summarizing the legacy of Odessa in the shipping and marine economic complex since the creation of Odessa.

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