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Kurliand Alexander President SC UKRFERRY LLC

Kurliand Alexander — President  "UKRFERRY" LLC


The ferry lines of Shipping Company "UKRFERRY" LLC have been connecting the ports oo the Black Sea for 25 years.

More than a million of passengers have used the services of our Company. For this time, we have transported dozens of millions of tons of cargos, many thousands of trucks, railway carriage, containers, and a host of rolling equipment.

For this time, we have opened new ferry services and shore-based terminals. For this time, we have been gradually modernizing and upgrading the fleet, have been introducing new technologies and have been creating new employment opportunities.

Ukrferry follows up on the traditions of navigation for which Odesa has always been remarkable, for our goal is keeping  the leading position on the market of ferry services between the shores of the Black Sea, maintaining our competitive abilities at a high level, and meeting the high technological and environmental standards. 

The Management of Ukferry Shipping Company
The Management of Ukferry Shipping Company
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  • 2020

    Our Company is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.  We are actively involved in evacuation of the Ukrainian citizens in connection with the epidemic of COVID-19 and provide charity support to hospitals in the struggle for preventing the spread of the virus.

  • 2018

    There has been opened a new line Chornomorsk - Karasu - Chornomorsk via newly built and rapidly growing Turkish port of Karasu.

  • 2010 – 2015

    Such lines as Konstanta-Batumi, Batumi-Samsun-Chernomorsk begin developing. We are in an incessant search for new lines and flows of cargo, both in the Black Sea and in the other areas of the Black Sea region. On our lines, the new vessels “Vilnius” and “Kaunas” are starting trading.

  • 2009

    Starting from March 2009, our Shipping Company was investing into construction of a railway ferry terminal in the port of Kerch; we organised and provided the regular ferry service between Kerch-Poti/Batumi.  

    Within the period from 1995 till 2010 the fleet of Ukrferry Shipping Company regularly performed special voyages for delivery of the Ukrainian contributions to a peacekeeping force to a number of the European, Asian and African countries.

  • 2000 - 2007

    By Act of Ukraine No. 1546-III dated March 16, 2000, Ukrferry Shipping Company has obtained the status of a Nominated Company on the part of Ukraine in performance of an intergovernmental agreement for joint operation of the ferry service Varna-Ilyichevsk-Poti/Batumi.

    By Order No. 284 dd. April 26, 2002 of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine, the status of a nation-wide carrier was conferred upon Ukrferry Shipping Company.  

    In May 2001 a railway-ferry terminal was built in the port of Derince, Turkey and a new railway - road transport - ferry line Ilyichevsk, Ukraine-Derince, Turkey was opened with the support from the Company.

    Ukrferry Shipping Company obtained an International Certificate ISO 9001:2000 on December 11, 2001 that evidences its high quality of services meeting the international standards in the field of management in the carrying trade and passenger and cargo transportation.

    Ukrferry Shipping Company was the operator of the cruise ferry “Yuzhnaya Palmira” on the Black Sea within the period from March 2006 till October 2009, and within the framework of the said operation, in summer 2007, for the first time after disintegration of the USSR a number of sea cruises was performed according to the route of the historical line the Crimea-Caucasus including the port of Istanbul:   Odesa - Yalta - Sochi - Istanbul - Odesa.

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Our Everyday Work
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Maritime Encyclopedia of Odesa
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We are confident in very successful future in the Black Sea
25-th Anniversary of shipping company «Ukrferry»
On October the 18th, 2020 the shipping company «Ukrferry» celebrated its 25-th Anniversary
On October the 18th, 2020 the shipping company «Ukrferry» celebrated its 25-th Anniversary
Grain Processing - New Business Direction
The shareholders of the Ukrferry Shipping Company have decided to open a new direction of their activities.
The shareholders of the Ukrferry Shipping Company have decided to open a new direction of their activities.
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