This means that there are no more seats for this voyage. You can apply for free seats for this flight at https://bookhere.ukrferry.com/eng. Free places could be appear one day before departure.

Refunds and date changes are made in accordance with the conditions specified in the tariffs section.

Tickets are not sold by phone.

You can book tickets on our website: https://bookhere.ukrferry.com/ - or with our agents at the port of departure.

You can buy tickets at the head office in Odessa, Sabanskiy per., 4 a

at working hours. https://www.ukrferry.com/ukrferry/public/contacts

The sale of tickets on the site stops 12 hours before departure.

You can buy ticket from agents at the port of departure on the day of departure.

If you have inserted correctly all the information in the order - then no

We do not provide these services, but you can send it via some of truck drivers at ferry terminal.

The ship has several specialized category C cabins for travel with a pet. All information is described on the website at the end of the page with passenger tariffs, as well as in the rules for the carriage of passengers (at the end) in section 7.

Before making a reservation, you should first agree with the manager availability of this cabin.

If they are available, then on our booking site you need to book cabin "C" for two passengers.

In a note, you should indicate that you are traveling with a pet. After that, we will send a link to your contact E-mail for additional payment for a pet transportation.

You may need to wait and check your mail after a while. Not all servers receive .pdf files instantly.
Check your spam folder.
You can also go to your personal account (book "My order" in the upper right corner of the window) using the e-mail address specified when placing the order.
Check your order. In case of successful payment, in the lower right corner of the paid order there will be a file in ".pdf" format with instructions.

Accommodation is distributed automatically, according to the purchased tickets (like on a train, plane). If you buy a shared accomodation, so you agree for accomodation with either gender.

Ticket price includes three meals per day in the vessels restaurant.

Disembarkation is carried out immediately upon arrival due to the fact that the cabins must be cleaned before boarding the next passengers

You need to write a letter to booking@ukrferry.com from the email address that used when booking. In the letter indicate the booking number and the information that needs to be corrected.

One adult passenger can travel with one child under 12 years old.

The ferry service is all year round, but the schedule is still not announced. You can target the same waste days as the current one. The schedule will be announced at the end of this month.

Approximately, you need to arrive at the port 5 hours before the departure of the ferry. The exact time of registration and boarding time will be sent by e-mail a day before the arrival of the ferry to the port, and it will also be announced on the company's website.

You can show confirmation at your electronic device.


This Autocode use in conditions "Vehicle round tariff" only for the Georgian direction. This is a special tariff for carriage of privat vehicles with a driver, subject to return back by ferry within 30 days from the first voyage.

When buying tickets, you can write "0000", and write in a note to the order that information with correct numbers will be provided later. This information must be reported to booking@ukrferry.com at least 2-3 days before departure.

The opportunity to book a car will appear after entering all the data about passengers and clicking "Continue", after question "Choose the number of cars?" Should appear under the table with data on vehiсle.

Paid Wi-Fi is available only on the m/v Kaunas! Tariff: 500 MB - 5 USD.

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