We make every effort to ensure that our passengers spend the minimum amount of time in anticipation of landing and departure of the vessel. However, it must be understood that the ferries are cargo-passenger vessels and the departure of ferries does not occur from specialized passenger terminals, but from cargo terminals that were not originally adapted for passenger registration, which leads to a number of inconveniences. Unfortunately, the process of registration of passengers and cargo does not occur in parallel. Registration of passengers and boarding on the ship must be completed before the end of the registration of the cargo. After the end of the registration period indicated in the booking confirmation (if the voyage starts in Ukraine) or indicated by the agent (if the voyage starts in Turkey or Georgia), the customs and border authorities complete the passenger screening and passengers landing on the ship becomes impossible.

The passenger has the opportunity to bring along pets such as cats, dogs and birds, but for this purpose animals should be kept in containers/cages with a closed bottom. For international travel, the animal must have an international veterinary passport with the marks of vaccinations according to age of your pet and Form No. 1 (certificate that there are no animal diseases in this region), which can be registered in a veterinary clinic at the place of residence. The certificate is valid for 3 days from the date of issue. Also, the animal must have permission to be taken to the country of destination or transit. We pay attention to the fact that there are restrictions on the number of passengers who can take animals with them on the same voyage, as well as in the class of cabins that carry pets. In this case, the passenger must pay all the places in the cabin. Therefore, transportation of pets must be ordered in advance. Transportation of pets is an additional service, which is paid according to the current tariffs. Rules for transportation of animals and birds

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