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Whole history of Marine Odessa in one book!

Whole history of Marine Odessa in one book!


Schedules of ferries in Black Sea

Port of shipment Port of destination Ship
Port of shipment Departure date Port of destination Arrival date Ship
Poti 24.08.2016 Ilyichevsk 25.08.2016 Kaunas Seaways
Ilyichevsk 24.08.2016 Haydarpasa 25.08.2016 Vilnius Seaways
Batumi 24.08.2016 14:40 Ilyichevsk 26.08.2016 07:00 Greifswald
Haydarpasa 25.08.2016 Ilyichevsk 26.08.2016 Vilnius Seaways
Ilyichevsk 26.08.2016 Batumi 27.08.2016 Kaunas Seaways
Ilyichevsk 26.08.2016 18:00 Batumi 28.08.2016 03:00 Greifswald
Ilyichevsk 26.08.2016 Batumi 28.08.2016 Vilnius Seaways
Batumi 27.08.2016 Ilyichevsk 28.08.2016 Kaunas Seaways
Batumi 28.08.2016 09:00 Ilyichevsk 29.08.2016 06:00 Greifswald
Ilyichevsk 28.08.2016 Poti 30.08.2016 Kaunas Seaways
Batumi 28.08.2016 Ilyichevsk 30.08.2016 Vilnius Seaways
Ilyichevsk 29.08.2016 16:00 Batumi 31.08.2016 07:00 Greifswald
Ilyichevsk 30.08.2016 Haydarpasa 01.09.2016 Vilnius Seaways
Poti 30.08.2016 Ilyichevsk 01.09.2016 Kaunas Seaways
Batumi 31.08.2016 17:00 Ilyichevsk 01.09.2016 20:30 Greifswald
Haydarpasa 01.09.2016 Ilyichevsk 02.09.2016 Vilnius Seaways

Dates of arrival and departure are about and are subject to changes for reasons beyond control of sea carrier which include but not limited to port berth availability, weather conditions, extended customs, passport police and other authorities formalities, other reasons beyond sea carriers control. Dates of departure and arrival may be subject to changes both before and after the beginning of the voyage.

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